Pavitra Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati Decides To Adopt Jugnu Officially


Dil notices Reyansh lost in thoughts. What are you thinking? Reyansh says I was wondering why Pranati was so eager to find that girl. It was her wedding day but she was looking for that girl. Why? What could be more important than her own wedding? Dil says she might be her relative and she would be in some trouble. Reyansh nods. It might also be possible that her Mother India avatar got conscious and she decided to save that girl. We must find Jugnu through Pranati.

Jugnu wakes up and looks around startled. Pranati tells her it is her only. You are completely safe here. Jugnu calls her mad. You spent the entire night staring at me? Pranati nods happily. She tells Pranati not to do all this. I am not used to these lovey dovey talks. Pranati advises her to get used to it. Jugnu says I have a condition though. I need food first thing in the morning when I wake up. I never got it in the orphanage. Pranati tells her to brush her teeth first. Jugnu shows her toothbrush (index finger) but Pranati shows her a new toothbrush with pink colour but Jugnu makes a face. My favourite colour is black. Pranati apologizes to her. I will bring a black one tomorrow. Please manage for today. Jugnu agrees and heads to the bathroom.

Reyansh complains to Dil to bring a black coloured shirt. The one you have brought is navy blue. Dil tells him to manage it somehow but Reyansh is reluctant. Reyansh’s brother gives him a phone number. Reyansh decides to reach out to Pranati using that number. It might be hers or of some relative. His brothers ask him who Pranati is. Dil says she is the same girl who Reyansh saved. They call Pranati their enemy but Reyansh disagrees. It is just a small misunderstanding. They don’t follow. Dadi calls them downstairs. They notice Dadi speaking to police.

Jugnu is eating gola. She wishes the family members good morning upon Pranati’s askance. Jugnu tells Pranati that gola is the best thing in the world. I feel very hot in summers. I went with a lady and the weather was perfect there but she hit me with a sewing machine. Everyone feels bad. Pranati’s brother asks her if she never complained. Jugnu says I got used to getting beaten. It was just a little too much sometimes. She notices tears in Pranati’s eyes. That happened long time ago. Why are you crying now? Pranati cries in a corner. Jugnu wonders what happened to her but her grandfather tells her to eat gola. She is fine.

Police informs Reyansh’s family that about Jugnu. She is with the girl who you saved in fire. We are certain that the fire started from the gym though. Reyansh is surprised that they could find Pranati so easily. His brother reminds him that they are police after all. Inspector nods. It is our duty to dig through everything and find out the details. Dadi asks Inspector if that girl told him anything. He shares that Jugnu is not in a condition to speak right now. She is very much scared. Reyansh recalls Jugnu’s carefree attitude. What condition are you talking about? Dadi handles the situation. Police leaves. Reyansh asks the boys if she should tell them what needs to be done now. Reyansh denies. I assure you that that little girl will be in front of you very soon.

Jugnu sits down to have breakfast. Everything is fabulous here. Chetna tells her to eat to her heart’s content. I will be back soon and then we can go to eat gola. Jugnu tells her to take her out for ice cream. Chetna happily agrees. Pranati’s brother gives juice to Jugnu but his wife makes faces. Pranati’s mother gives a glass of milk to her husband who tells her to bring one glass for Jugnu as well. Jugnu says it shows on your face that you don’t like me. Atleast don’t show it so clearly! I know no one likes me but they atleast don’t show it. She mimics her grandmother and everyone laughs. Pranati’s mother tells everyone not to encourage her to do something like this. Jugnu chokes a little. Pranati feeds her water. Archit comes to meet Pranati. He notices Pranati taking care of Jugnu. She tells Pranati she is fine. Archit greets everyone with folded hands. Jugnu looks at Archit and Pranati curiously.

2 girls come to meet Maan and Armaan for discounted gym membership. Maan gets excited and tells his brother. They are the same girls who know Pranati. They rush out to meet them. Maan is eager to find out more details about Pranati but Armaan tells Maan to wait a little. They might doubt us. They ask for some background info but Chetna refuses to join the gym. Her friend (Nupur) convinces her to join the gym. The discount is huge. Chetna and Armaan get into an argument. Armaan straight away asks them if they know the bride who was caught in the fire the other day. Chetna isn’t keen but Armaan talks rudely to her. Chetna slaps him.

Pranati apologizes to Archit once again. He tells her he hasn’t come to hear her apology. I came to see if you are fine or not. Friendship comes first! She says I couldn’t do friendship like you. My daughter is before my happiness. I might sound rude but this is truth. He tells her he understands. I am and will always be your friend. Stop thinking about wedding. Tell me what you are really thinking. Being your best friend I can read your face. Tell me what it is. She shares that she wants to adopt Jugnu officially. She is my daughter but she was in that orphanage since all these years. Ma made a fake death certificate but I cannot send her back. There must be a way to legally and officially adopt Jugnu. I want to give her my name. She has been through a lot since last 8 years but not anymore. I will love her so much that all her pain will go away.

Precap: Pranati records a video and Maan and Armaan get arrested. They come up with a plan when they get out of the jail. Reyansh also comes up with an idea and is positive he will win this time!

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