1st Epi – Qurbaan Hua 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update


The show starts with a blind man enjoying the sight of beautiful mountains and river. He explains to a foreign tourist the path of the river that later turns to Ganges. They reach a Ragunath temple which was crowded by Yatri. The man tells the foreign tourist about their ritualistic event which is performed by Mantri of temple, his brother in law Shri Mandvandyani Alsanoni Viyasi. The villagers believe he got divine powers. The tourist asks if he got divine powers, then why he doesn’t get his blindness treated. The man says he isn’t blind, it was his wife’s prayer that he should not open his eyes and it won’t hail resultantly. The tourist doesn’t believe the logic.

An old man rises from under the water holding the Jot. The villagers chant religious appraisal slogans as he walks upstairs.

Some men discuss why Viyasi has to carry a heavy Jot at such an old age. Others discuss that his young man doesn’t return from city to inherit his position in the temple. The ladies discuss what his young lad is upto.

In the city, there was fire in a room of building. A lady, tied to the fan in an attempt of suicide shouts for help. A young man runs amidst the crowd, jumps over the back of his supporting bent friend and climbs the building. He reaches the window of the apartment on fire, breaks the glass with his punch and unties the ropes of the girl’s hand. He says he is here, and won’t let her suffer. The director announces, Cut! And asks the young man who he is, and why he came here. There is shooting going on. The young man apologizes, introducing himself as Neil Kand Bhatdhiyani, a chef in nearby restaurant. He only came to save the girl in the fire. His friend comes there.

Later, the friend asks why he has a rule of one good deed each day. Neil replies to Armopov that his Sarvasti Didi also does a good deed each day so that he stays happy. He calls her Bhags, a word derived from the word ‘Bhagwan (God)’. He is happy that finally, after nine years of marriage his Bhags is expecting a baby. He didn’t want a complication in her pregnancy and vowed to do the good deed himself till her baby is delivered. He now takes Armopov to work, as head chef will be there for inspection. He will leave after inspection to meet his sister, after three months.

Bhags prepare bed in her room. A young yatri boy comes to her room and says Balkay (young disciples) are suffering again. Bhags runs upstairs saying he had forbidden her husband that there is Pooja at home and Neel is coming after years, but he doesn’t listen.

Upstairs, a strict looking middle aged man ignited the room with smoke that choked young diciples. She also coughs badly and suffocates due to smoke. The husband was concerned why Sarasti came upstairs in her eighth month. The smoke might trouble her. Sarasti tries to send all the Balkay away. He insists that the 800 times Mantra isn’t yet complete. Sarasti laughs if he was an executioner in his past life. He explains that these disciples are going to be Pandits in future, their eyes and sound must never shiver in smoke else it will be a disgrace to Bholay Baba. Sarasti smiles that Bholay Baba isn’t disgraced by petty matters. She tells her husband that Neil is bringing the 56th dish of temple himself. He mocks that a Chinese, or Italian chef would cook for temple. Sarasti holds his hand and inquires he also holds grudges with him like her Baba. He has made a place for himself in a five star hotel in a city like Delhi. Her husband says Singhoria is only found in mountains, and not in the huge buildings of Delhi. Sarasti was sure that this time Singhoria will come from Delhi and Baba will also forgive him this time.

Neil was working in the kitchen of the hotel. His head chef had an objection with Neil’s Rakhi band. He tells Neil this is unhygienic. Neil says he will not take it off. The head chef didn’t want this hand work in his kitchen. Neil covers his hand with a white cloth piece and stuffs it in his pocket, promising not to use it. He continues cooking with the other hand. The head chef was impressed and leaves with complements for Neil. Armopov wanted to eat Singhoria from Neil’s hands and prayed that Viyas also forgives him. Neil replies he isn’t apologizing, he only prepared the Singhoria because of Bhags. Sarsati’s husband is enough to please Viyas.

Viyas Ji brought down the Jot. Sarsati’s husband stood downstairs cleaning the passage. They spot a hen having laid eggs sitting on the stairs. They were ordered to remove the hen. Sarasti convinces her husband that if they touch her eggs, she won’t adopt her children. Her husband wasn’t convinced that anything can be important than protecting their belief. Viyas ji says he realizes that life must be protecting under the umbrella of belief. He decides to change to course of their Yatra.

In Delhi, a young man tells the waiter to take away 5kg of Kachori to a young man. Neil comes to him (Bhola) and asks to take care of Singhoria and drop him home. He goes inside to log out. Bhola was busy with a phone call. A young biker comes to steal the bag of Kachori. Neil was able to spot him and races his bike behind the stealer. He shouts at the young man to stop and return his basket. He pulls the basket. Soon, Neil spots the hair of Neil untied. He was shocked to realize it was a lady under the helmet. She races her bike. Neil’s bike slips off the road as he was awestruck. He thinks it is now about his ego, and a girl can’t dodge Neil so easily.

The biker girl reaches the middle of a poor neighborhood. Young children gather around her. She takes them inside and announces a party celebrations with Kachori. She finds Singhoria sweet inside the basket instead and realizes these are from her own city. She shares them with the children. Neil reaches behind and complains what she has done. She was apologetic that she had to bring Kachori and instead brought his sweet. Neil realizes she belonged to his area. He says he had to take the sweet as Bhog to the temple. The girl shows Neil a video one of the boys had filmed in which the begging mafia gangster threatened the kids not to eat. Soon, the police arrive. The girl takes custody of kids and take them to orphanage. The gangster calls his group mates, deciding to finish the girl off.

Sarsati was taunted at home that Neil will surely forget to bring the 56th dish, and Viyas wouldn’t have to sit in wet clothes during such winter times. At the time of Havan, Sasati brings a shawl and requests Viyas to come and change clothes. Viyas was angry that had her beloved brother been here, he must not have been in such a condition, sitting here. They never took a single penny from temple to oil the Havan in their house. Sarsati assures that Neil must be on his way. Viyas exemplifies a flower which blooms only when two strong powers of love meet. He is sure such a flower never bloomed, and is equally sure Neil will never come.

Neil prays for his life’s protection as he is going home without Bhog. He speaks to Sarsati about losing the Singhoria. Sarsati says they can’t let go of Jot without the 56th dish. He leaves it to God and boards his bus. On his seat, he meets the same girl sitting on his window seat. They argue with each other. The bus stops with a halt. A group of goons, the gangsters came following the girl. The girl besides Neil hides her face. Neil was protective and confronts the goons. They inquires if she has some relation with him? Neil twists the goon’s raised hand and says she is his wife. The girl was shocked to hear this.

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