Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Iti’s Shocking Confession


Bhavini with Abir walks to Iti calling her name. Iti says she is Devi and not Iti. Bhavini says that is what she was telling her since the beginning, she should go and inform Devguru. Iti walks to Devguru Shiv and tells him that he was right that she is Devi, her mother from heaven came and informed her that she is devi and her father left her here to become Devi; she will do whatever he says and will be his best friend forever. Devguru touches her feet and takes her blessings.

Yug serves snacks to guests in Shanti’s owner’s house. Guest tells owner it is illegal to hire a child for work and she may be arrested in child labor case. Owner says its just for today. Yug calls Shanti via servant’s mobile and hears that she is having high fever and to bring medicine. He walks to owner and requests to give him blouse money as his mother is having high fever and needs to take medicine for her. Owner yells that his mother is faking illness to take leave and grab some money, asks servant to send Yug out. Servant takes Yug out; Yug thinks his mother told owner is a good woman, but she seems to be so rude. He returns home where Meva asks him to be with his mother as she is ill instead of going to Banaras to find Iti. Yug says as per astrologer, he and Iti are long-term friends and he has to free her. He sees her mother sleeping and sits with her. A Leke Chalun Tujhko Ek Aise Desh Me…song..plays in the background.. Yug then gets ready to leave for Banaras.

Iti orders stones to fly and when they don’t, she asks Devguru why can’t she perform miracles when she could earlier. Devguru says she doesn’t have to as she has made humans create aircrafts for that, she has to just bless humans and solve their problems. He takes her to a royal chair and says she has to solve people’s problem sitting on it and he has prepared a special place for her.

Savita with Om travels in car fearing that Yug stole Om’s phone and if he informs police about their secret, they will be in jail. Om reminisces constable informing that Yug stole Om’s mobile as he saw it in nearby CCTV camera and assures he will recover Om’s phone. He tells Savita that if Yug had informed police, they would have been arrested long ago.

Precap: Yug reaches Iti and says he has come to take her back. but she doesn’t react. Devguru watches Bahvini’s video where she deals with Om and walks to her angrily shouting.

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