Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Is Punished


Shravan thinks whether he should tell Suman what is in his mind, what if she creates havoc, anyways she will tell her. He tells her that she is looking beautiful today. She thanks him. Kanchan walks to them. Suman says let us go sister. Shravan asks where. Kanchan says parlor and says he can accompany as his eyebrows are bushy. Suman asks Kanchan to get helmet and tells Shravan that he need not come to parlor. She takes fruits to Vijay and Devraj while Shravan walks behind her looking at her. Vijay says Shravan has changed. Devraj asks Shravan to meet Vijay often until he is at home to learn good manners from him. Shravan says yes.

Next morning, Shravan calls Bunty and requests that he will drop him to school. Bunty hesitantly agrees. Shravan meets him and after apologizing him requests to help him break up with Devika. Bunty asks if he found any other girl. He says he will find a sweet girl soon. Bunty suggests to speak to her directly. Shravan reaches school and tells Devika that he needs to speak to her something important. She says awww… Anish walks to her and asks her menu for party, asks Shravan to join their party. Shravan says he will not. Anish asks Devika to convince Shravan as he only listens to her. She asks Shravan to attend Anish’s party, but he walks away saying he already told he will not. He the searches Suman in class and during lunch break asks Saheb if he saw Suman. Saheb says she is in auditorium attending girl’s debate which Devika is also attending. He reads board outside auditorium debate only for girls and boys are not allowed, even then he walks in silently and sits on chair behind. Suman debates with Devika. Everyone clap for her. Teacher catches him and asks if he didn’t ready board, why did he come in. Devika says he came for her. Teacher punishes Shravan to take ground’s 4 rounds on his knees and asks Suman to monitor him. Suman gets concerned. Devika says she is excited to see Shravan coming for her. Suman scolds her. Shravan kneels down and starts rounding. Devraj with Vijay comes to meet Brigadier there and watches Shravan on his knees. Vijay says kids do mistakes and learn, let Shravan also grow naturally.

Ramesh distributes sweets in family and informs Dadaji that his first ayurvedic center and tries to inform Dadaji about his loan from Devaraj, but Beena stops him and asks to wait for right time.

After completing his punishment, Shravan meets Suman and thanks her for support when he was bearing punishment. She says she didn’t do anything. He says since she didn’t meet him in class, he came to meet her in auditorium. Devika hears that and fumes thinking if Shravan is having crush on Suman. Anish asks why she is angry. Devika describes reason. He asks her to do as he says. Devika walks to Suman and insists her to convince Shravan to attend Anish’s party. Suman says how can she, but agrees. Shravan hears their conversation.

Precap: Shravan goes to Suman’s house to meet her. Vijay says she went to sleep.
He sneezes repeatedly, she walks down and reqeusts him to attend Anish’s party with her. He says he will feel awkward seeing Devika there. She says she will feel awkward if he doesn’t accompany her. Vijay sees Shravan and asks what is he doing here.

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