Kartik Purnima 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vicky Is A Scam Planted By Bina


Scene 1
Vicky counts the money and gives it to his fake parents. He asks them to leave, they leave. Vicky calls Nani and Bina. Nani tells Bina that we have to do this to get rid of Purnima. She tells Vicky that you are doing great work. Bina gives him and says no one should know that you are a scam. Vicky says just keep giving me money and I will do my work, he leaves. Bina tells Nani that you had a good plan. Nani says once Vicky takes Purnima away then we will get Shanaya married easily. Bina says Purnima will be destroyed and that’s what I want.

Vicky meets Kulwant and says we should do court marriage. Kulwant says I want to marry her with all the functions. Vicky says we have to get court marriage done for the paperwork and we will do a big function in Canada, I know you are worried about Purnima but I will take care of her. He asks Purnima if I can take a selfie with you? Kulwant says yes. Vicky takes a selfie. Shanaya tells Bina that what non-sense is this? Vicky leaves with his fake family. Bina thinks that Shanaya doesn’t know the story.

Purnima is in school. Kartik comes there and gives them chocolate. Purnima says I will be busy as my marriage is fixed. Kartik is stunned. He says you are getting married on Shanaya and Sumrit’s wedding day? She says yes, it will be a court marriage. Kartik composes himself and says congrats. She shakes hands with him and smiles. Kartik says you should give me a treat. Purnima says okay. She gets a call from Vicky. He says come to the travel agent. Purnima says can I come tomorrow? He says no, we have to do it today, he ends the call. Purnima tells sorry to Kartik. Kartik says it’s okay, I will drop you to the visa office. Purnima thinks. Kartik says we shouldn’t think that much in taking life’s decision.

Scene 2
Kartik brings Purnima to the office and says Vicky is lucky to have a life partner like you. Vicky comes there and thanks Kartik for dropping her. Kartik nods and leaves.

Vicky and Purnima are in the agent’s office. Vicky says I will show you the beautiful sights of Canada. Purnima recalls her time spent with Kartik and says if your company is good then all sights are beautiful. A man comes there and calls Vicky Jugindar. Vicky says I am not Jugindar. The man says we are childhood friends, how are your wife and kids? Vicky says I am not Jugindar, get lost. The agent says he is not Jugindar, he is Vicky, I know him personally. He takes him from there. Purnima looks on. Vicky and Purnima sit with the agent. Vicky says I am sorry to get angry with that man. Purnima says it’s okay. He thinks thank God I was saved today.

Shanaya sees Vicky and Purnima coming back home. She says I will burn her dreams of going to Canada. She comes to Vicky and says you have a good car. Vicky says I can take you on a long drive. Shanaya says can you drop me to the market? He says sure. Purnima smiles and goes to the house. Bina sees Shanaya sitting in Vicky’s car. She says Shanaya will destroy my plan.

PRECAP- Kartik holds Purnima’s hand and brings her to Sumrit and Shanaya’s haldi. Soni is angry to see that.

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