Santoshi Maa 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati & Indresh Plan To Tackle Their Family Members.


The episode starts with swati & indresh discussing what father was asking & he is feeling some trick is played by you with me & she is explaining him might be he is thinking in your worry but he says his father thinks there was no Brahman & he is doing this to instigate me against you but I know what to do while she tries to explain him & he is getting annoyed on her saying you are married to me so to think of me only & they go to sleep.
Sister-in-law & indresh’s sister are fighting with each other while indresh’s father shouts them to stop fighting.
Swati asks indresh to give tips on how to tackle your family members & he says I am too fighting on solution so what kind of solution I can give you I do not know.
Indresh’s grandmother curses his sister-in-law saying she has become arrogant now as she does not do any work for me now while indresh comes telling her to not to worry as swati will do it for you & she takes her help.
Indresh’s brother tells his father to explain indresh towards us & if you had made him tight then he wouldn’t had disobeyed you & he slaps him saying how could you also not being tight inspite trying to make you as still no child you have produced till now.
A woman comes asking ghee while indresh’s mother goes to tell her daughter-in-law to give her but she is crying on her fate & again they keep arguing.
Grandmother asks swati is this your family business because so nicely you press legs & indresh also appreciates swati while giving tea to grandmother & she is praising swati telling indresh that you have ultimately brought a very good wife for you & if any time your father throws you from home then too your wife won’t make you feel loosen. Swati & indresh are feeling very delighted about it & as grandmother leaves then indresh too praises swati as they both plan how to tackle family members but then too indresh keeps her alert saying lot of problems may be faced but she assures let’s do it & they decide accordingly.
A woman comes telling indresh’s mother to come out to see what problems you have created & she tells her why I should come while indresh & swati watch & indresh says this is good time to interfere as swati comes cursing her why are you shouting my mother-in-law & who are you while she starts cursing swati insulting her saying about her past whatever happened & also cursing her mother-in-law & her mother-in-law comes forward & slaps the woman. Sister-in-law gets shocked while the woman emotionally shouts her mother-in-law saying this is good thing you have done slapping me for outside girl & destroying our so long relations as indresh tries to calm her but she does not listen to him & again curses them while indresh’s father comes & warns the woman to not go beyond your category & won’t tolerate you over here again as also as per your statement that we will never accept her as our daughter-in-law if at all die & now to go away while she is warning them that I’ll tell everybody what is this happening here.
Their daughter-in-law curses her mother-in-law that what you did this & now our name will be cursed everywhere & indresh’s mother is cursing swati warning her to not to interfere again but indresh tries to explain them but his father is also cursing swati & also his grandmother also curses her as indresh also tells his grandmother that sometime back you were praising her & now you too then she says yes as I have to praise servants & that’s what I did & indresh takes her away telling her to not wait in between these animals now & his father shouts telling him you are also part of this family don’t forget & thinks something has to be done about this girl as grandmother also curses his wife & she starts crying on her blames.

Precap: Mahadev is trying to console mata paravati while she is blaming mahadev for always fooling me & he asks her then how to explain you so she tells him you have to search the way as Vishnu is pouring flowers. Swati is telling indresh that i have won & indresh explains her that inspite of my loss I won because of you & they both celebrate their win in togetherness.

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