Patiala Babes 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Mini Pretends To Be Fine


The Episode starts with Mini thinking of Neil and crying. She thinks I used to find hope in his words. She recalls their moments. Kabhi mohabbat….plays… She thinks it was just a filmi song, why did I see so many dreams, I m so stupid, I should have thought well before falling in love with him, he has a different life, now I feel like, was I throwing myself on him, I feel so cheap. She thinks of Neil. She thinks what shall I do, if there was no love, what will be the break up.

Neil sits upset and thinks of Mini. He says so sorry Mini, I didn’t wish to hurt you. Nayeem bi says even then you have hurt her, she can’t show her wound to anyone, I know everything. She says it doesn’t matter that you were seeing everything that she is falling in love for you, she was in love with you, her first love, but you know that when she gets clear of this love, she will be too hurt, you didn’t stop her. Neil says I stopped her many times and stopped myself also, don’t you trust me. She asks do you love her, tell me. She says tell her that you don’t love her, let her think that her love was one sided, she will take time to come out of this, at least she won’t fall weak, please pity her, if you really love her, then go away from here. Neil and Arya have breakfast. They talk about Mini. Arya asks Neil to have breakfast. Neil asks how is Mini. Rani asks what happened to Mini. Mini comes and acts happy. She greets Neil. She asks Arya to get ready and go for the school. She hugs Arya. Arya goes. Neil sees Mini.

Neil comes to Mini and says I know you are disturbed, I have to tell you something. She asks him to not hold her. He says I m leaving Patiala Babes, its better for both of us, I will resign today itself. She says no, you can’t, you can’t go, I guess you are forgetting your contract, you have to do your work, you have your wife along, your life, your choice, as a friend, I don’t think you should leave. He asks as a friend. She says yes. He says you will get my resignation on your table, today.

Neil asks Mini why is she sitting in darkness, nothing is left now. Mini says I want to know, can’t you trust me. He says I trust you a lot.

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