Santoshi Maa 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Santoshi Mata Explaining Swati About Mata Paravati’s Devotion Towards Mahadev.


The episode starts with swati explaining her story to mata santoshi of she & indresh. Swati told indresh about his father who insulted her father & her father says now no to marriage. Indresh tells her I have also decided that I won’t marry without you but explains her about his bringing up by his parents so how can I act against their wish but promises her I’ll love you forever. She also depressingly tells him how can you forget marrying me & can’t go against your parent’s wishes & also shouting him while he tells her I’ll drop you but she refuses & he trying to console her but she leaves & goes away.
Swati is explaining mata telling her I was trying to convince my parents to marry me to indresh but when indresh was not ready so I tried to suicide & you stopped me so now I feel there is no way to achieve him but mata tells her there is one way & explains her to do fast of hartalika by which mata paravati too had achieved mahadev by doing this fast & you will achieve your choice of husband & two birds hears this & they discuss about if mata santoshi gives such advises to people then what importance will remain of our devi polomi so they decide to inform devi polomi about this & fly accordingly towards to do their job. They reached flying to her palace & she is asking why are you so eager to meet me & they tell her about mata santoshi advising a girl of fast to achieve choice of husband & she is laughing on devi santoshi’s advise & talking about how can this be possible explaining them about mata paravati & she decides I won’t allow this to happen.
Mata santoshi is explaining swati how much power has of fast which was achieved by mata paravati & swati tells mata to give her details of what mata paravati did.
Santoshi mata is explaining her in details of the story of mata paravati telling her she had done strong meditation to achieve prabhu mahadev but her parents were trying to do her marriage with prabhu Narayan but as she was totally devoted to mahadev so she was unable to grasp this proposal of narayan & went to sacrifice herself but were stopped by friends telling her to not to do this & they explained her to complete full meditation for shiv & they took her to a hidden place to complete this yagna.
Maharaj is shouting his guards saying why can’t you find my daughter still but they tell him there is some trick happening & he thinks of naglok trick so he calls Nagaraj & asks him to see if any nag has hijacked my daughter paravati so Nagaraj says it’s impossible & this won’t ever happen with you as paravati is our devi so I’ll personally see to it while maharaj is in confusion.
Maharaj asks gandharraj too about paravati but he too refuses. Maharaj orders senapati to search paravati anyhow & also declares whoever brings I’ll donate him with how much wealth he wishes.
Swati’s father is also searching her & calling everywhere doing inquiry about her. The whole family is under depression to search her uttering whatever statements & also her brother warning that if indresh knows then I won’t leave him & he leaves to search her.
Mata paravati was arranging to do yagna for shiv & thinking about mahadev whom I like & accepted forever & she starts the yagna. She makes a havan kund for mahadev which ultimately becomes the world’s image of god.
Indresh’s father is waiting for him & as he arrives he asks him what happened & he told him I knew you have not gone anywhere as your mother was thinking you must have ran away with that girl but I had faith in you that I know you won’t meet her because I have faith in my blood & his father orders him to do work now. Indresh tells him I know but also wish to tell you that I had gone there to meet her itself but to end everything & leaves for work while his father notices tears in his eyes & feels I could had thrashed him but good for him that he went away.

Precap: Mata santoshi explains swati about paravati while polomi uses her powers towards indresh’s brother to make him instigate his father against indresh. Indresh’s father is shouting him are you a hero whose mind is being washed by that girl.

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