Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhairavnath Follows Vaishnavi


The Episode starts with Bharti asking Vaishnavi if he is the same bhakt, who had called her. Vaishnavi says yes, says time has come to meet him. Sulochana feeds laddoo to the boy. His mother thanks Sulochana and asks the boy to come. Sulochana asks how dare you to touch my son and asks her to let her feed her son. The lady is shocked. Sulochana says I will not let anybody touch my son. Vaishnavi is doing meditation and tells Bharti that she has to go and meet Sridhar. Bharti says you said that he has to give the test. Vaishnavi says yes and tells that his first test started. Sridhar buys rice and dal from the shop keeper and hears Sulochana’s voice. He runs there. Sulochana tells the woman that she has given birth to the boy and that’s why she is her mother. The lady asks her to give her son and tells that you are giving him pain. Sulochana tries to take the boy. Sridhar asks Sulochana to let the boy go to his mother and says you are giving him pain. He says we have no child. Sulochana says this is our son. Sridhar says he is not our son and tells that they can’t tell someone else’s child as their own. He says boy is scared and asks her to let him go. He then apologizes to the lady and says mistake is mine. The people asks Sridhar to take care of his wife, says if she kidnaps the kids and tell them as her children then the situation will be complicated.

Vaishnavi is on the way with her devotees. Bharti asks Vaishnavi what we will do here when you go to meet Sridhar. Vaishnavi says who said that I will go alone, tells that she is waiting for him to call her and tells that they have to cover the distance till then. Bhairavnath is also on the way and reaches the place where Vaishnavi did her meditation. He closes his eyes and sees her meditating there.

Sridhar brings Sulochana home and asks how you can lose your patience. He asks her to accept the truth, says your motherly love is incomplete, that’s why your behavior changes, I can understand this, but not them. Sulochana says all my pain went seeing that boy and says she felt happiness, which she never felt. She says I don’t want to hurt the boy or his mother. She tells that she was helpless for her love. Bhakti tells Vaishnavi that it seems Sridhar will call you soon. Vaishnavi asks them to take out the shawl. Sridhar asks Sulochana to trust the God. Sulochana says your Mata rani doesn’t listen to my prayers and asks him to tell her to give her a child. Sridhar tells him that they have to give good upbringing and education to the child. He asks if we are capable to give this to a child. He says whatever happened today is wrong and tells that’s why we are unable to be parents. Sulochana says all our problems will be solved when we get blessed by the child and asks him to call Mata Rani once. Sridhar prays to Mata Rani and asks how to make Sulochana understand and asks her to relieve her pain.

Sholo tells that he has forgotten the shawl. Bharti says I know and that’s why I got yours too. Sholo thanks her. Bhairavnath runs in the jungle. Vaishnavi sees him standing on the mountain and gets tensed asking her devotees to walk faster. Bhairavnath says so there is that shakti. Vaishnavi gets tensed. Bharti asks why are you worrying? Vaishnavi says I will tell later, first we have to reach the safest place. She asks them to go to cave. They tell that they are scared of darkness. Bharti asks them to do as Mata Rani said.

Bhairavnath asks where you will run from me, it is not easy to be saved from the tiger. Vaishnavi asks everyone to walk fast and makes everyone go inside the cave. She signs Bharti to go also. Bharti goes. Vaishnavi sees Bhairavnath coming there and goes inside the cave. Bhairavnath looks at the cave.

Precap: Bhairavnath tells that he will find out about them and throws stone on them. He tries to break the wall which Vaishnavi has made with magic. Vaishnavi tries to stop him.

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