Meri Gudiya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhuri Fights Rahu


The Episode starts with Naagdev Vasuki coming with Madhuri. Vasuki asks the snakes to protect Avi. He fights with Ketu. Inspector comes home. He tells about Ratri and Adrika. Shaurya asks about Raghav. Inspector says Raghav would be fine, don’t worry. Maa says we don’t know about Raghav, Madhuri and Avi. Madhuri and Rahu have a fight. Avi wakes up and sees Madhuri in trouble. Ketu picks the weapon. Vasuki asks him to give the weapon to him if he wants his safety.

Ketu gives the weapon. The fight continues. Shaurya calls Raghav and gets number off. Maa says we have to keep patience. Rahu goes to hurt Madhuri. Some light protects her. He falls back. Madhuri steps over him. Avi wakes up and asks Madhuri to save her. Rahu pushes away Madhuri. He uses his powers on her. Avi says leave my mumma, why are you hurting her. Madhuri faints down. Avi gets shocked and faints. Shaurya says what did our life become now. Maa says we lost everything. He says I don’t know what to do. Maa says we have to live and move on. She cries. Shaurya gets inspector’s call.

Inspector asks them to come to the police station fast. Shaurya asks what happened. He tells this to Maa and takes her along. Madhuri prays and gains strength to kill Rahu. Vasuki asks her to face Rahu. She gets her weapon back and hits Ketu. Rahu shouts Ketu. Madhuri hits him also. Rahu says I will come back to take revenge on your daughter. He gets hurt. Madhuri falls down. Rahu disappears. Madhuri hears Avi’s call and goes to her. She tries to help Avi.

Inspector shows Raghav’s clothes found from the jungle. Shaurya says the clothes have no blood stains, where is Raghav. Inspector says we don’t know anything. Maa cries. Vasuki says its your time to leave, you have proved that fate chooses the right person, a mum has power to defeat anyone. Madhuri says I have no greed to live, I m ready to return, I just want Avi to be fine. He says Avi is my responsibility now.

Rahu comes there and says I have cursed her now, now she won’t remember anything, she will forget everything, you lost to Rahu. He laughs and disappears. Madhuri cries. She makes Avi wear the locket. She says Avi will always have it. Vasuki says you have worked hard and Avi will also be like you. Madhuri’s tear falls down and turns into a pearl. She says give this to myu daughter, this will always protect her. She thinks of her moments with Avi. She falls down and disappears. Vasuki goes to hold Avi.

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