Vidya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya Catches Sushma


The Episode starts with Vidya recalling the same situation arising in her school when she had to catch the student who cheated in the exam. FB shows Vidya scolding the kids for cheating. She sees a boy tensed and calls him out. The boy apologizes to her and accepts his mistake. He says I will never do this. She says you should pass by working hard, go now. FB ends. Vidya catches Hema and says she has done cheating. Hema says I didn’t cheat. Vidya asks her not to lie, she has seen her throwing the chits. She says I didn’t say anything since it wasn’t harming us, I won’t keep quiet now, its bringing loss for us, why shall we bear the punishment if you do a mistake. Hema says I didn’t do anything. Vidya sees another girl laughing.

Munni and her mum are with Avtaar and Mahek. Avtaar asks how will change her thinking, are you helping Vidya or creating troubles for her. Mahek says I m doing everything by thinking well, don’t stop me, trust me. She says its imp to let them go, Roopa can do anything she wants. Roopa and Munni go to the villagers. They ask how is she doing, why did she leave the village and go. Roopa says I have come to tell something, I have to tell someone’s truth. The villagers ask what truth. Roopa says Vidya isn’t a real teacher. The villagers get shocked.

Roopa says she isn’t a teacher. Avtaar and Mahek get worried. Vidya asks Hema to accept that she has done this. She sees the other girl smiling. She asks the students to ask Hema to accept her mistake, their time is getting wasted. She asks the other girl Sushma to ask Hema to accept the mistake. She says we all have to write the exam. Sushma says yes, Vidya is right, I was scared and didn’t tell anything, I had seen Hema with the chits, she was throwing chits near the dustbin, Vidya and I are the eye witness, take her away Sir, so that we can write the exam. Vidya slaps Sushma. Hema smiles.

Vidya says Sushma had got the chits in the class. Officer says you are saying Hema sometimes and then Sushma, what’s happening. The lady asks Roopa is she joking. Roopa says its not a joke, Vidya is an illiterate, when I got to know this, I thought to tell you all, but Avtaar had called me here, I will tell every parent in this village. Avtaar says she will spoil everything, we have to stop her and explain the villagers, I won’t let anything wrong happen with Vidya. Mahek stops him. He says I can see your planning, everything will be ruined if I delay for more, let me handle this now. She says please, trust me, I m doing right, I can’t wish bad for Vidya.

The man asks Roopa not to say anything bad about Vidya. He asks didn’t you see the school’s situation before Vidya joined, the teachers didn’t do any work. He tells about the changes Vidya brought in the school. He says the kids have passed just because of Vidya, the school got famous just because of her, she was awarded by the education dept. Roopa says govt. doesn’t know anything about it. The lady asks her to leave, if she doesn’t want to get beaten up, Vidya saved the girl from fire. The villagers praise Vidya. They ask Roopa to remember that Vidya saved Munni’s life from Nanku Singh. Kanni and other kids come. Kanni says Vidya has gone to Delhi, she has given us homework to do.

The boy says she made a good time table for us, we are following it. The lady asks Roopa to see, the kids are attending school just because of Vidya, they forget to play, but not to study. She asks Roopa to ask Munni about her teacher, is she like Vidya. The villagers scold Roopa. Vidya asks Sushma what happened, is she angry now. She says I had to call Hema wrong to bring your truth out, I m seeing Hema since three days, she writes her exam well, you do these tricks. Sushma says stop the nonsense, what proof do you have against me. Vidya says I have the proof, we didn’t tell you that the chits were near the dustbin, how did you know, you did this and knew about it, Hema was discussing the answers with me yesterday, when did you see her throwing the chits.

Sushma apologizes. Vidya says don’t forgive her. Vidya asks the students to write their exams. Officer checks her hall ticket. He asks why did you call the students as kids, are you a teacher.

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