Shakti 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat And Heer Gets Married


The Episode starts with Virat and Heer dancing in someone’s baraat and goes away from there. Heer tells Virat that she always dreamt that her groom comes to take her with baraat. Virat says you got a loving groom who will love you a lot, says we will get married first and then when our families accept us, then I will bring baraat and you wait for me as bride. He bends down on his knees and asks will you marry me? Heer says yes Virat, I will marry just you. Virat says lets go and buy the wedding clothes. Heer hugs him. In the morning, Virat comes to the shop and buys garlands. Heer asks him to give sindoor bottle. The shop keeper asks if they are getting married. Virat asks him why you are happy and asks him to do his work. The shop keeper calls Daljeet and tells him that a guy and girl came to temple for marriage. Daljeet gets shocked. Harak Singh and his family, Sant baksh and his family sit in the car to reach the temple. Heer gets emotional thinking about her family betrayal. Virat asks her not to cry from onwards. He tells Mata Rani that Pandit is not here, so they will witness the God and will marry. Heer says we will not have any rasam, and asks God to bless them. Virat asks Mata Rani to bless them to be happy. He makes her wear garland. Preeto thinks don’t marry Heer. Heer makes Virat wear garland and smiles. Temple bell rings. Harak Singh asks Soham to drive fast.

Sant Baksh asks Daljeet to drive fast. Rohan says where did Heer go? Virat tells Heer that this is Mata Rani’s blessings, whenever she agrees, she gives blessings as signals. Virat picks the sindoor bottle and says I don’t know what mantra to be read while filing sindoor in maang, and promises her that he will keep her happy and take care of her. He takes a pinch of sindoor and fills her hairline/maang with his hand. Harak Singh and Sant Baksh and their families are still on the way. Virat ties the ghatbandhan to them and says Mata Rani, we are witnessing you and this fire and will take the rounds. They start taking rounds. Virat tells that he will always take care of her and will face the trouble together. Heer says our relation will be of friendship first, we will never lie to each other and will never break each other’s trust. Harak Singh and Sant Baksh’s family reach the temple. Daljeet asks the shop keeper. The shop keeper signs at the temple. Virat promises her that he will protect her always till his last breath. Heer promises him that she will always be with you like his reflection. Virat says your dream is mine. Heer says and your dream is mine, we will fulfill all our dreams together. Everyone run on the stairs to reach inside.

Virat tells that they have completed 7 rounds and 7 vows, they are officially husband and wife now from today. Everyone comes there. Harak Singh says we don’t accept this marriage. Preeto sees sindoor on Heer’s forehead. Sant Baksh looks furious. Virat holds Heer’s hand. Everyone stands in shock. Preeto stumbles and falls on Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks her to handle herself. Virat says accept or not, but this marriage is done. He says we are adults and have crossed the legal age for marriage. He asks them to accept their marriage. He tells Sant Baksh that he will become a police officer. Heer says I will do a job and we will not break our promise. Preeto walks towards Heer. Virat comes ahead of Heer. Preeto recalls Harman stepping ahead of Soumya to protect her.

Sant Baksh asks Virat to come home and pulls his hand. Preeto tries to pull Heer, but both of them are still holding their hands. Sant Baksh and Preeto separate their hands. Heer shouts Virat and cries. Preeto takes Heer from the temple forcibly. Virat looks on upset as Sant Baksh holds him. Preeto and Harak Singh bring heer home. Shanno gets happy seeing Heer as a bride. She thinks the kand happened? Preeto scolds Heer. Heer tells that only Virat has right on her breaths now and she will die as his wife. Harak Singh says we don’t accept this marriage. Heer asks him if he don’t understand that she has become his wife. Sant Baksh brings Virat home and tells that he don’t accept this marriage. Virat says you believe it or not, but the marriage is done.

Sant Baksh is about to slap him. Virat holds his hand and says I didn’t do anything wrong, I loved Heer and married her. Sant Baksh says I don’t accept this marriage. Virat says but I will accept it all my life, I have filled sindoor in her maang, she is my wife now. Preeto says you are thinking yourself as his wife because of sindoor and brings water. She says this is not sindoor, but black spot, I will wipe it with my hand. Mahi comes infront of her and says I can’t see her sindoor getting wiped out. Preeto asks her to move from her way and close her eyes. Mahi moves from her ways. Heer shouts Preeto and keeps hand on her forehead.

Precap: Preeto puts water on Heer’s head. Heer shouts and decides to live and die for Virat. Sant Baksh beats Virat and throws him out of house. Virat reaches Harak Singh’s house to take her. Heer threatens Preeto.

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