Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhansukhlal And Mangesh To Be Released From Jail


Meera asks Bhimbai where she was. You took a lot of time. Bhimbai says doc has advised me to walk so I went for one. Meera asks her to eat. Anand comes there with the bowl of kheer. Tulsa and Manjula ask him to share it with everyone equally. The girls tell Bhimbai and Meera about the kheer and how Anand isn’t sharing it with them. Bhimbai says you know how he is. He loves food more than anyone else in the house! He could drink 2 glasses of milk on his own. Bheema hugs his mother tight. She asks him what happened. He tells her he will never walk with a pot and broom. Ram ji comes as well. Bhimbai says so he knows this truth as well. He sits next to Bhimbai and asks Bheema to look at him. How will you fight the truth if you will get so afraid? Fact is many people from our community have to live their like that way. They are compelled to do it. It is a forced tradition. We don’t know since when this is going on. Instead of getting afraid, joins hands with like minded people who will help you raise your voice against it. It doesn’t mean we will get violent. We will become capable of changing everyone’s mindset. We will fail if we see even one person from our community on that street! Don’t think only about yourself. Think about everyone. Bheema gets thinking. Ram ji says the same to Anand, Manjula and Tulsa. Bheema runs inside. Ram ji stops Bhimbai from going after him. Let him brainstorm so he can become mentally active. It is important. Bheema is still shaken by what he had witnessed today.

Villagers inform Pundit ji that Seth ji will be out by tomorrow. They decide to teach a lesson to Sakpal family. Bheema got scared after seeing people from his community today. We will tap on that fear. They laugh. Dhruv overhears them. My father will come back and create more drama. I must inform Bheema’s family.

Meera asks Bheema to have food but Bhimbai tells her to let it be. He wont come. I will feed him later. Anand asks Meera to give food for Dhruv. Dhruv comes there just then. Anand gives him his box. Dhruv advises Sakpal family to be on alert. My Baba and Mangesh Kaka are getting released tomorrow. He leaves. bhimbai says we must stay away from there. Ram ji reasons that it is they who trouble them. She says I don’t know that but listen to me at times.

Anand’s stomach is upset. He telsl Bheema he wont go to school. His sisters tease him that he couldn’t digest their share of kheer. Anand says I wont mind it. Meera smiles. Tulsa and Manjula continue teasing Anand. Bheema is standing near the window quietly. Ram ji tells Bheema he will drop him to school today. He tells Anand to stay at home. Manjula and Tulsa laugh cutely.

Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal to think of something. We must do something about Ram ji Sakpal. They notice Ram ji and Bheema coming there. Dhansukhlal says let them come closer. Villagers block Ram ji’s way. Ram ji questions them. They refuse to let them pass. Ram ji reasons that he has to take Bheema to school. Dhansukhlal tells Ram ji that the land from here till school belongs to us. If you want to go then you must put the pot around your neck and this broom on your back. Bheema says we go from this passage daily. What happened today? Mangesh says we got smart. This land has become impure because of you two. It has become barren. We have to purify it and we must also make sure this is never repeated. Ram ji has to decide now. Either accept our condition or take your kid back home. Two guys bring in pots and brooms for both of them. Ram ji says I wont take my son home with me. He will go to school at any cost. I will tie these. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh smirk. Ram ji says I will let my son ride on my back. Dhansukhlal insists that both of them have to tie it. Bheema tells his Baba against it but villagers refuse to let him pass from there without tying the pots / brooms. Bheema wakes up with a start and shouts. Bhimbai and Ram ji ask him why he is shouting. Bheema asks his Baba if he is fine. Ram ji nods. Bheema murmurs about the pot and broom. Ram ji and Bhimbai look at each other. Meera advises him to sleep. It must be a bad dream. Bhimbai and Ram ji assure Bheema that Baba is fine. Bhimbai puts him to sleep. Ram ji thinks Bheema has been affected negatively by that incident. He has surely dreamt of me wearing the pot around my neck. I wont question him though.

Bhimbai is oiling Meera’s hair. Anand, Tulsa and Manjula are playing. Ram ji leaves for work. He pats at Bheema’s head before leaving. Bheema follows him at a distance. I wont let anything happen to him. Ram ji feels as if someone is following him. Bheema hides. Ram ji leaves in a cart. Bheema heaves a sigh of relief. The same girl calls out to Bheema. He asks her how she got hurt. She shares that her Baba beat her when she said she wants to study. I dint cry though. I kept repeating to myself that I wont give up. Now either I will study or I will die this way. Bheema asks her if she will get beaten daily. She says everyone complains about you but their words hold a hint of struggle. Even I want everyone to talk about me. I want to be like you, Bhai. He points out that they are from different communities. We cannot share any relation. She says I consider you my brother and ties a rakhi around his wrist. I don’t believe in any caste or dharma. I consider you my brother. This society will never accept this relation so don’t tell this to anyone but we will remain brother-sister forever. He says how I will protect you. She advises him to teach her. There cannot be a bigger weapon than knowledge. She leaves. Her words echo in his head as he looks at his rakhi.

Precap: Villagers decide to break the self-respect of Sakpal family. Bheema breaks the pots of people from his community angrily. They question him and he cross questions him. Don’t you want these pots to break and these brooms to catch fire? Till when will you let this tradition continue? Is this the future that you want to give us kids? Will we never get freedom from this? They set fire to the brooms. Villagers surround Anand in a secluded spot. They bring a pot, ropes and broom for him. We will break the self-respect of Sakpal family now.

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